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More than 100 speakers will be at QCon

Adrian Cockcroft's picture
Lead Netflix's migration to a large scale
Adam Ernst's picture
IOS Engineer at Facebook
Adib Saikali's picture
CTO at VentureLynx
Alex Raitt's picture
Director at Credit Suisse, Investment Bank Application Architecture
Andrew Hart's picture
NASA Software Engineer
Andy Fundinger's picture
Senior Consultant at Risk Focus, Python Evangelist
Asif Makhani's picture
Director of Engineering, Search at LinkedIn
Brian Rinaldi's picture
Content and Community Manager at Adobe Systems
Brian Goetz's picture
Java Language Architect at Oracle
Burke Holland's picture
Developer Advocate at Telerik
Cassandra Shum's picture
Mobile Developer for web, IOS and Android
Chris Swan's picture
CTO, Cohesiveft
Claudia Perlich's picture
Chief Scientist at Dstillery
Clive Saha's picture
Lead Consultant at Risk Focus, Distributed Computing
Daniel Tunkelang's picture
Head of Query at LinkedIn
Daniel Doubrovkine's picture
Head of Engineering, Artsy.net
Dave McCrory's picture
CTO at Basho
David Nolen's picture
ClojureScript Committer, Cognitect
Derek Collison's picture
Founder of Apcera, building the next generation of PaaS
Dianne Marsh's picture
Director of Engineering, Netflix
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer's picture
JavaScript Expert
Dragos Dumitriu's picture
Agile Practice Director for CC Pace and Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Trainer and Kanban Coach
Dustin Getz's picture
React Pioneer
Eric Evans's picture
Creator of Domain Driven Design
Fabrice Aresu's picture
Product Manager for Risk Solutions at Luxoft
Frank Greco's picture
Director of Technology, Kaazing Corporation
Gilad Bracha's picture
Co-author of the Java Spec
Greg Young's picture
Created the term CQRS
Holly Schinsky's picture
Developer Evangelist at Adobe
Ian Robinson's picture
Wrote the book and leading database on Graph databases.
Ines Sombra's picture
Lead Data Engineer at Engine Yard
Jafar Husain's picture
Senior Developer at Netflix
Jeff Hammerbacher's picture
Cloudera Founder, Created Facebook's Data Science practice
Jessica Kerr's picture
Scala Developer
Jez Humble's picture
Co-author of "Continuous Delivery"
Joe Weinman's picture
Former SVP Cloud Services at Telx. Author of Cloudonomics
John Musser's picture
Founder, Programmable Web
John Canfield's picture
Vice President, Risk at WePay
Jon Hoffman's picture
Foursquare Engineer (former head of Infrastructure Engineering)
Jonathan Turner's picture
Co-designer of the TypeScript language
Juergen Hoeller's picture
Co-founder and project lead of the Spring Framework
Kassandra Perch's picture
JavaScript framework fanatic
Kirk Pepperdine's picture
Java Champion and Java performance expert
Marcel Kornacker's picture
Wrote and solves problems with the tool of choice for SQL on hadoop
Maria Gomez's picture
Mobile Developer for web, IOS and Android
Mario Morales's picture
Machine Learning Research Scientist and Quant Developer, Cofounder, tatt.io
Mark Meretzky's picture
teaches Unix and C++ at New York University SCPS
Matt Walters's picture
Node.js Specialist
Matthew Mc Cullough's picture
Trainer at GitHub
Matthew Podwysocki's picture
Software developer at Microsoft
Matthew Wilson's picture
WebMD Director of Web Ops
Michael Feathers's picture
Author of Working Effectively with Legacy Code
Michael Bryzek's picture
Co-Founder & CTO at Gilt. MIT Alum. Husband. Father. Triathlete.
Michael Ficarra's picture
CoffeeScript maintainer and open source contributor
Nathen Harvey's picture
Technical Community Manager at Chef
Nell Thomas's picture
Data Analyst, Etsy
Nicolas Bevacqua's picture
Author Of JavaScript Application Design
Pamela Selle's picture
Test-driven developer
Pete Soderling's picture
G33ktalk.com & Hakka Labs Founder
Peter Wang's picture
Co-founder and President of Continuum Analytics
WebMD Sr. Director of Engineering
Randy Shoup's picture
CTO at KIXEYE, former Dir. Google App Engine and eBay Chief Engineer
Raymond Blum's picture
Data integrity obsessed Site Reliability Engineer @ Google
Richard Clark's picture
Senior Director Technical Communication, Kaazing
Rob Witoff's picture
Data Scientist, CTO's office @ NASA
Shawn Gandhi's picture
Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services
Simon MacDonald's picture
Developer at Graphite Software
Steve Chin's picture
Java Ambassador at Oracle specializing in embedded and UI technology
Ted Epstein's picture
Founder & CEO, ModelSolv
Tim Brown's picture
Continuous Delivery Specialist
Todd Montgomery's picture
Ex-NASA researcher, Chief Architect, Kaazing
Trace Wax's picture
Developer at Thoughtbot
Vassil Avramov's picture
Founder and CTO of Risk Focus
Victor Grazi's picture
Vice President at Nomura Securities, Oracle Java
Viktor Gamov's picture
Expert on JavaScript and co-authored "Enterprise Web Development"
Werner Schuster's picture
InfoQ Lead Editor for Functional Programming
Yaron Minsky's picture
Co-Author "Real World OCaml"
Yoni Goldberg's picture
Lead Software Engineer at Gilt
Bruno Maisonnier's picture
CEO, Aldebaran Robotics
Christophe Coenraets's picture
Developer Advocate focused on mobile at Salesforce
Barry Jaspan's picture
Senior Architect at Acquia, Inc.
Tim Ward's picture
Co-author of Enterprise OSGi in Action. Principal consultant at Paremus.
Jean-Noël Moyne's picture
TIBCO Fellow
Lars Pfannenschmidt's picture
Senior Software Engineer at Intuit
Nuwan Bandara's picture
Senior Technical Lead, WSO2 Inc
TJ Van Toll's picture
Developer Advocate at Telerik, jQuery UI Team Member
Justin Moore's picture
Engineering Manager at Facebook
Torsten Frank's picture
CEO and Founder of medisite
Jeff Johnson's picture
Core Data Engineer at Facebook
Ward Penney's picture
Frontend Developer and UX Designer at Pivotal Labs
Paul Bakker's picture
Software architect for Luminis Technologies. Author of "Modular Cloud Apps with OSGi"
Isaac Blaise's picture
Sr Solutions Engineer / Product Trainer
Bram de Kruijff's picture
Software Architect at Luminis Technologies
Swami Sivasubramanian's picture
General Manager for NoSQL, Amazon
Daniel Miladinov's picture
Web Developer
Peter-Mark Verwoerd's picture
Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services
Richard Minerich's picture
Director of Research and Development at Bayard Rock
Richard Nicholson's picture
All things Cloud. Founder & CEO Paremus. OSGi Alliance Board
Ashley Puls's picture
Senior Software Engineer at New Relic Inc.
Peter Kriens's picture
OSGi Expert since ’98, spec author, founder of jpm4J
Samisa Abeysinghe's picture
WSO2 VP Delivery
Edmund Jorgensen's picture
Co-founder at Hut 8 Labs
Paul Hill's picture
REST/Hypermedia architect
Trevor Owens's picture
Author of The Lean Enterprise, CEO of Javelin.com
Wesley Chow's picture
CTO @ Chartbeat
Sam McAfee's picture
Principal at Neo Innovation
Jago de Vreede's picture
Senior developer for Luminis Technologies
Jaime Ryan's picture
Director of Product Management & Strategy – Security Business Unit
Sander Mak's picture
Senior Software Engineer at Luminis Technologies
Khawaja Shams's picture
Head of Engineering for NoSQL, Amazon
Leo Gorodinski's picture
Engineer at Jet.com
David Bosschaert's picture
Adober R&D. Co-chair of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group
Roy Rapoport's picture
Manager, Insight Engineering at Netflix
Alexander Grzesik's picture
Chief Architect of the PaasPlus platform
Sean Cribbs's picture
Software Engineer, Basho
Tim Diekmann's picture
Principal Architect of BusinessWorks 6. co-chair of OSGi EEG.
Ken Overton's picture
SME, Trading Systems Architecture, SOA, EDA
Ryan Eavy's picture
Executive Director, Enterprise Architecture, CME Group
Mike Amundsen's picture
Layer 7 Principal API Architect
Alex Gaber's picture
Director, Developer Programs, Crittercism
Brittany Young's picture
Mobile Performance Optimization Expert
Josh Wexler's picture
CEO, Occom Group
Stijn van Den Ende's picture
CTO ACA IT-Solutions
Mark Vanderwiele's picture
IBM Distinguished Engineer
Walt Bowers's picture
Chief Architect Software Solutions at Hitachi CTA
Oleg Logvinov's picture
Director, Special Assignments, ST and the Chair of IEEE P2413
Duncan DeVore's picture
VP Software Engineering, Viridity Energy, Inc.
Josh Knowles's picture
VP of Engineering, Pivotal
Dustin Whittle's picture
Developer Evangelist at AppDynamics
Neil Bartlett's picture
Founder Bndtools. OSGi Expert. Principal consultant at Paremus.
Alex Blewitt's picture
InfoQ Author and Eclipse Author
Ferry Huberts's picture
Member of the bnd/Bndtools team. Maintainer of olsrd.
Matt Makai's picture
Developer Evangelist at Twilio
Azat Mardan's picture
JavaScript and Node.js Author
Xander Uiterlinden's picture
Software developer at Luminis Technologies, committer at Apache Felix.
Peter Milne's picture
Director of Application Engineering, Aerospike Inc.
Alex Baldwin's picture
Designer, Thoughtbot
Tom De Wolf's picture
Software Architect at ACA-IT Solutions
Craig Motlin's picture
Author of the framework's parallel, lazy API
Carsten Ziegeler's picture
R&D Adobe Research Switzerland
John Davies's picture
CTO, C24
Aish Fenton's picture
‎Manager, Research and Engineering at Netflix
Chris Angove's picture
Chapter Lead at Spotify
Sahat Yalkabov's picture
JavaScript Developer
Thomas Watson's picture
IBM - Senior Software Engineer. Eclipse Equinox project lead
Mike Francis's picture
OSGi DevCon Program Committee, OSGi Users’ Forum Chairman, OSGi & Cloud
Graham Charters's picture
IBM, Senior Technical Staff Member
Gil Tene's picture
CTO and co-founder of Azul Systems
Dave Arel's picture
Director of JavaScript Engineering at @bellycard
Erin Schnabel's picture
Liberty profile development lead.