1:00pm - 4:00pm


Participants should​ ​be​ familiar with computer science concepts in general and have a basic understanding of cryptography.

Tutorial: Bitcoin APIs

Bitcoin has rapidly become one of the world's largest decentralized systems deployed today. Touting benefits such as near-instant payments, near-zero fees, and near-anonymous privacy guarantees, Bitcoin has stirred the passion of engineers, libertarians, bankers, venture capitalists, and everyone in between. Indeed Bitcoin's followers are nothing if not diverse (and outspoken).

While it's being used mostly for payments today, the Bitcoin protocol can do a lot more than simply sending money from A to B.

In this tutorial, you will ramp up quickly on the technical fundamentals underlying the Bitcoin protocol. We will dive deep into each of Bitcoin's three main technical components: transactions, the consensus protocol, and the communications network. I will cover how Bitcoin is being used today, and then we will explore some future ideas for building on top of the Bitcoin protocol where there is potential to disrupt entire industries.

Come and learn what all the hype is about!

Level: Beginner / Intermediate


Wednesday Jun 10

Thursday Jun 11

Friday Jun 12