Speaker: Rich Smith

Director of Security at Etsy
Rich Smith, Director of Security Engineering at Etsy, leads a fearless band of cyber-guardians in defending Etsy's members, sellers, and knitted goods from the evils of the Interwebs. Cross-site-stitching and sequin-injection are all taken in stride daily. Prior to his role at Etsy, Rich co-founded Syndis, Iceland’s premier technical security consultancy, where he continues to be an advisor and board member. Rich previously led Kyrus Technology's Commerical Attack Services, held the role of Vice President of Cyber Threat at Morgan Stanley, was a senior researcher at Immunity Inc, and led the Research In Offensive Technologies and Threats group at Hewlett-Packard Research Labs. In his spare time Rich likes beer, noisy music and Python.

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Talk: Crafting an Effective Security Organisation

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