Presentation: Here Be Dragons: Security Maps of the Container New World


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2:40pm - 3:30pm

Containers are changing the software development landscape and accelerating the adoption of DevOps. Containers are deployed rapidly, form a loosely connected network, and are often ephemeral. In the hands of a skilled DevOps professional, these tools are producing tremendous value by delivering functionality at break neck speed. From the perspective of the CISOs office, these new systems are terrifying and need to brought under control quickly or stopped altogether. Attempts to use traditional security tools and methods to orchestrate security for networks of containers are woefully inadequate. This presentation will explore some of the unique security challenges created by both the development workflow and application runtime, explain why and how the current approaches - SecDevOps 1.0 are insufficient, and explain how SecDevOps 2.0 techniques including Software Defined Firewalls (SDF) provide a promising path forward for all parties involved.

(Don’t worry, the new world isn’t flat and you won’t fall off!)


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