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Head of Data Science at Coinbase (form. NASA)
Key Driver of the Lean Software Development Movement
Cross-Team UI Technical Lead at Netflix
Engineering lead in the Google Apps group
Director of Security at Etsy
Managing Realtime Data Intelligence at Uber
Director of Engineering, Ebay
Security Team Lead at Pinterest
Consulting CTO (former Google and eBay)
Director of Engineering at Netflix
Engineering Manager, Playback Data Systems, Netflix
Google Site Reliability Engineering Expert
‎Head of NYC Software Engineering at Uber
Principal Software Development Engineer, Microsoft Research
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Architect at eBay, Inc
Front-End Engineer at Facebook
Senior Analytics Engineer @ Netflix
Senior Director of Engineering at LinkedIn
Head of Engineering, Artsy.net
Scalability Architect at Riot Games, Expert in massively scaled...
CTO at Rent the Runway
Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
Director of Research and Development at Bayard Rock
Production Engineer at Facebook
Head of Risk at Coinbase
Engineer, Pinterest
Software Engineer, MongoDB
Senior Software Engineer (Android) at Etsy
Chaos Engineer at Netflix
Principal Engineer at Nordstrom
Engineer at Docker
Data Scientist at Cloudera
Senior Software Engineer at Netflix
Senior Software Engineer on the Netflix Edge team
Researcher at Twitter
Software Engineer, Bitcoin
Data Engineering at Etsy
‎Staff Engineer at Uber Technologies
Yelp Docker Mesos SmartStack PaaS
Ex-NASA researcher, Chief Architect, Kaazing
Skilled at technical stand up comedy, Zudio Founder: in-browser admin...
Co-Founder & CTO at Gilt
Author of the Best Seller "Release It!"
Founder and Chief Information Security Officer at Hold Security, LLC
Founder, KidoZen
Director of Technology, Kaazing Corporation
‎CEO pol.is
Creator of Consul and Co-founder of Hashicorp
Co-Founder at Hookscript.com
Key contributor to Apache's Kafka & Samza
Software Engineer at Promptworks
Creative Director, Five
‎Founder, Principal Consultant at Big Data Open Source Security LLC
Creator of Concurrency Kit, Co-founder Backtrace I/O
Partner at Obsidian Systems
G33ktalk.com & Hakka Labs Founder
Vice President and Technical Architect, Goldman Sachs
Co-founder and CEO at Takipi
Java Champion and Author of "Java Generics and Collections"
VP Architecture at VMTurbo
Co-Founder and CEO, Taplytics
Founder and CTO, Ronin Labs
Java Champion and Author of POJOs in Action
Deputy CTO at Typesafe Inc.
Chief Scientist at Paperless Post
VP of Engineering of Stack Exchange
HashiCorp Founder, DevOps, Vagrant, Terraform, Consul, Packer
VP, Engineering, Tinder
‎Investor at Amplify Partners
Java Champion and Engineer
Vice President at Nomura Securities, Oracle Java Champion
30-year veteran of creating innovative products and services
Co-Author "Real World OCaml", University of Cambridge
VP of Technology at Flatiron Health
CTO, CPEX Technology
VP Engineering at Pivotal Labs
Lead Data Technologist & Scientist at Codecentric AG
Director, Data Sciences at Live Nation Entertainment
Principal Engineer, Nordstrom Credit
VP Engineering at Merchantry, Co-organizer, CTO School Meetup
Conjur Inc
VP of Engineering at Rent the Runway
CEO, Realm Inc
Java Champion, Managing Director and Partner at Farata Systems
CEO of Zen Digital, founder of the New York AngularJS Meetup
Developer at Quicken Loans
Co-founder and CTO, Gridgain
Developer at Event Store
President of Allium Technology Group
Engineer at Confluent
Agile Coach at Native Wired
QCon Open Space Facilitator
Saas Platform Architect at Atlassian
‎Developer Advocate at Rackspace Hosting
Principal Solutions Architect at Evident.io
Senior Fellow, Comcast Cable
Application Developer at BNY Convergex
Principal Engineer at Ivy Softworks
Author, SRE @ Stack Exchange
Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow
Software Developer and Agile Coach at DevJam
ClojureScript Committer, Cognitect
Senior Field Engineer at Pivotal
Teaches Unix and C++ at New York University SCPS
InfoQ Editor Functional Programming, QCon PC, Wolfram
Spring Developer Advocate, Pivotal
Managing Editor and Product Manager, QCon and InfoQ
Principal Consultant at OpenCredo
Developer Advocate and Toolsmith at CoreOS
Founder at Infoharmoni
Co-founder & CEO at Shippable
Developer and community advocate, Rackspace
Director of Technology, Traitify
Director of Application Engineering, Aerospike Inc.
Principal Architect, Perforce
Technical Lead, WSO2
Co-founder & CTO at Clusterpoint
Vice President, Apache Stratos,Director - Cloud Architecture; WSO2...
DevOps Evangelist @ Datadog
Senior Developer Advocate, Basho
Developer Advocate, Telerik
Sr. Director Product Marketing, Axway
Product Manager, Azul Systems
Senior Product Manager, IBM Watson Group
Expert on JavaScript and co-authored "Enterprise Web Development...


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