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What is a best way to chart your journey into the world of Mircoservices?

As an architectural pattern, Microservices has graduated from being an esoteric buzzword touted by the unicorns of the software industry and has made great strides in many organizations - ranging from startups and large consumer internet organizations to enterprise SaaS.

This track will walk you through the real world experience from a cross section of the industry on their journey from a monolithic software shop to adopting and successfully embracing the benefits of a Microservices based architecture. Come learn from, compare notes with, and discuss your own journey with the practitioners of this school of thought.

10:40am - 11:30am

by Sylvia Isler
VP Architecture at VMTurbo

How do you repair a jet engine in mid flight? Over the last year at VMTurbo, we have re-engineered our development teams, release cycles and most importantly our product architecture for scale and stability. Revamping the architecture while simultaneously continuing to deliver new features into the market presents a number of challenges.

In this presentation, a microservices case study and lessons learnt will be presented. We will discuss how VMTurbo, in anticipation of scalability-...

11:55am - 12:45pm

by Matt Zimmer
Engineering Manager, Playback Data Systems, Netflix

Netflix’s 57M members watch over 2 billion hours of content per month and their streaming accounts for 1/3rd of Internet traffic in some parts of the world. Each time a member starts to watch a movie or TV episode, a “view” is created in our data systems and a collection of events describing that view is gathered. The system Netflix built to manage and process this critical data devolved over time into a monolith, but needed to evolve into microservices to be able to scale to the next order...

1:45pm - 2:35pm

by Jeff Wolski
‎Staff Engineer at Uber Technologies

uberRUSH, Uber's bike messenger delivery service in NYC, presented engineering challenges never before seen at Uber. Moving things proved to be more difficult than moving people. It necessitated redefining the monolithic transportation platform responsible for dispatching millions of trips per day and fitting smaller, well-scoped services, or microservices, around that definition.

How has its Realtime engineering team built their new platform to support 100x scale and enable Uber to...

3:00pm - 3:50pm

by Michael Bryzek
Co-Founder & CTO at Gilt

Microservices. REST APIs. Client Libraries. Dependency Hell.

This talk will cover lessons learned building an expansive micro service architecture at Gilt - an organization with 1500 git repositories and over 400 individual applications powering its apps and web sites. We emphasize the importance of REST APIs and great client libraries to talk to them as a critical step to adoption.. Two of the most important lessons we've learned are to reduce dependencies and to provide consistent...

5:00pm - 7:00pm

Open Space

Join Sudhir Tonse, our speakers, and other attendees for Microservices Open Space. Stay for questions and share war stories!

What is Open Space?

Open Space is a kind of unconference, a simple way to run productive meetings for 5 to 2000 or more people, and a powerful way to lead any kind of organization in everyday practice and extraordinary change.



4:20pm - 4:25pm

by Sudhir Tonse
Managing Realtime Data Intelligence at Uber

Mini talk intro
4:25pm - 4:35pm

by Daniel Bryant
Principal Consultant at OpenCredo

The Seven Deadly Sins of Microservices
4:35pm - 4:45pm

by Arian Adair
Production Engineer at Facebook

The Importance of Wise Protocol-Layer Semantics in the Design of Microservices
4:45pm - 4:55pm

by Michael Hendricks
Co-Founder at

HTTP Nanoservices
Host: Sudhir Tonse Managing Realtime Data Intelligence at Uber


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