Track: Emerging Technologies in Front-end Development


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After struggling for several years to catch up to proprietary solutions like Flash and Silverlight, the capabilities of the web platform have exploded. With the arrival of HTML5 and a host of new web frameworks, the web is contributing exciting new ideas to the discipline of front-end development. Radically different approaches to UI development are becoming practical, and they are influencing everything the way developers think of everything, even the JavaScript language itself. We will hear from the pioneers of these technologies and other developers who are pushing the web forward.

10:35am - 11:25am

by Christopher Chedeau
Front-End Engineer at Facebook

During a hackathon, we took React, a JavaScript UI library that usually renders <div> and <span>, and adapted it to render iOS native UIView and UILabel. The potential was huge, we could get the best of the web: no compilation time, declarative code and layout and the best of iOS: high quality interactions and high performance.

As you can imagine, this wasn't easy to go from a prototype to a production-ready iOS backend for React. In this talk I'm going to walk through the...

11:50am - 12:40pm

Open Space

Front End Open Space

1:40pm - 2:30pm

by David Nolen
ClojureScript Committer, Cognitect

ClojureScript is a mature, rich alternative to JavaScript for building client side applications for the web and native mobile clients. While much has been said about it with respect to functional programming and immutability this talk will explore how ClojureScript makes UI programming a tangible process by demonstrating live application building for the web and iOS.

2:55pm - 3:45pm

by Jearvon Dharrie
Software Engineer at Promptworks

ClojureScript is a compiler for the Clojure programming language that targets Javascript. One of ClojureScript's goals is to provide features that Javascript lacks. Some of these features are macros, concurrent programming and persistent data structures. With the release of ES6 and other Javascript advancements, one might ask "is ClojureScript still relevant?".

In this talk, we will discuss how ClojureScript stacks up against ES6. Code examples in Javascript and ClojureScript will be...

4:10pm - 5:00pm

by Brian Terlson
Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

ES2015 was over half a decade in the making, and ES5 took even longer. ES2016 is the first specification born of ECMA TC39's new yearly release cadence. What proposals might make the cut?

This talk will cover the changes TC39 is making to its specification publishing process for ES2016 and beyond and delve into some of the likely candidates including async functions, async generators, Object.observe, SIMD, and Typed Objects.

By the end of this talk you will be familiar with...

5:25pm - 6:15pm

by Jafar Husain
Cross-Team UI Technical Lead at Netflix

Imagine how easy building your web application would be if all of your data was available in-memory on the client. Falcor lets you to code that way.

Falcor is the open-source, JS data access framework that powers Netflix. Falcor lets you represent all of your cloud data sources as one virtual JSON model on the server. On the client, Falcor makes it appear as if the entire JSON model is available locally and allows you to access data the same way you would from an in-memory JSON object...

Host: Jafar Husain Cross-Team UI Technical Lead at Netflix


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