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Requires basic-to-intermediate knowledge. You won't need to pre-install Docker before the course: each student will be given credentials to connect to an individual virtual machine. So all you need is a computer with a SSH client!

Tutorial: [SOLD OUT] Advanced Docker concepts and container orchestration

This tutorial is sold out.

You have installed Docker, you know how to run containers, and have written Dockerfiles to build container images for your applications (or parts of your applications). Now what? Now comes the next part: connecting multiple containers together, and deploying them on a cluster of Docker hosts, instead of your single development machine. This is what we want to cover here, alongside with some production-related questions:how to manage logs? Backups? Remote access? Security upgrades?

In this workshop, we will present the networking model of containers, with links an ambassadors. Then we will introduce volumes, and explain how they can be used to implement cleanly ops tasks like logging, backups, and more. Finally, we will discuss orchestration, and see solutions like Swarm and Mesos in action.

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