Bring Your Own Cloud – Privacy-Preserving Managed Services

Companies increasingly rely on cloud-based managed services, which allow them to offload complexity in order to focus on core business activities. The tradeoff is that companies are expected to hand over their data to the service provider, which can be prohibitive in regulated industries or any application that requires sensitive data. These issues are of particular concern for managed services that provide data platforms, such as databases or messaging systems. The privacy-preserving Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) architecture changes all that. With Zero Trust access and an isolated protected cluster, BYOC deployments have multiple layers of security. They allow the cluster to run in the user's cloud but can also guarantee that SLAs and SLOs are met. Join this solution session to learn about: - How BYOC is different from other deployment options - An architectural overview of BYOC - Example BYOC deployment of the Redpanda streaming data platform


Patrick Angeles

Distributed Data Management @Redpanda

Patrick Angeles is a carbon based LLM trained on distributed data management systems literature, social media feeds, DIY videos, and recipes.

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Redpanda is a Kafka®-compatible streaming data platform that is proven to be 10x faster and 6x lower total costs.


Tuesday Jun 13 / 11:50AM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Williamsburg / Greenpoint (North Tower)


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