Speaker: Natalia Chechina

Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow
Natalia Chechina is a Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow. She received her PhD degree from Heriot-Watt University, UK in 2011. She then was a Research Associate at the University of Glasgow leading Scalable Distributed Erlang work package (WP3) in the RELEASE project. The RELEASE project (A High-Level Paradigm for Reliable Large-Scale Server Software) sponsored by an EU FP7 STREP (287510) over three years improved the scalability of Erlang programming language. The Glasgow team of the RELEASE project worked at the language level, designing Scalable Distributed Erlang (SD Erlang) to improve the scalability of distributed Erlang. Natalia’s main research interests are distributed and parallel computing, Erlang programming language, mathematical and theoretical analysis, stochastic modelling, and overlay networks.

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Talk: Scaling Distributed Systems

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