Presentation: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Growth


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In 5 years Paperless Post went from 5 to over 100 people and from a dev team of 2 to 40. I was there for the entire ride as the CTO and not only helped shape the technology but also the culture and structure of the team. We constantly were changing and developing new strategies to achieve our goals. We called this "Continuous Process Delivery", in which we were never satisfied by not only the end product, but the way we were getting there.

Through my time as CTO of Paperless I've seen first-hand the triumphs and tragedies of growth. We did some great things that let people improve as individuals and ship a massive amount of product. We were self-reflective the entire time and that let us see that what we made a bunch of mistakes a long the way as well.

I'd like to take you on a very honest journey of one teams story.

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