9:00am - 12:00pm


Intermediate: Strong understanding of JavaScript, HTML & AJAX. A laptop will be useful to try some examples available online. Due to the density of the course material being covered, there will be no official lab time. A pre-installation of node will help if you want to try some advanced examples available on GitHub.

Tutorial: Introduction to AngularJS

This course will be an overview of the AngularJS Framework for JS developers. We will explain what AngularJS is with a simple app and contrast it with a jQuery app. The course will start by showing the new HTML syntax that AngularJS creates, necessary components for AngularJS to work, and it’s most common Directives (ng-click, ng-repeat, ng-show, ng-hide, etc). We will follow-up with an overview of how to structure your code with Controllers & Models; the proper use of Directives & Services; and how to create Single Page Applications using Routing. Time permitting we will discuss AngularJS Filters.

Daniel Zen Elsewhere


Wednesday Jun 10

Thursday Jun 11

Friday Jun 12