Presentation: Beyond the Data Grid: Fast Data Processing with Apache Ignite (incubating)


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2:40pm - 3:30pm

In this presentation, Nikita will describe the strategy and architecture behind Apache Ignite(TM) (incubating), a high-performance, distributed in-memory data management software layer that has been designed to operate between both new and existing data sources and applications, boosting application performance and scale by orders of magnitude. We will dive into the technical details of distributed clusters and compute grids as well as distributed data grids, and provide code samples for each. As integral parts of an In-Memory Data Fabric, we will also cover distributed streaming, CEP and Hadoop acceleration.

This presentation is particularly relevant for software developers and architects who work on the front lines of high-speed, low-latency Fast Data systems, high-performance transactional systems and real-time analytics applications.

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