Presentation: Pulsar: Realtime Analytics at Scale


Day of week:

4:10pm - 5:00pm

Enterprises are Increasingly demanding realtime analytics and insights to power use cases like personalization, monitoring and marketing. In this talk we will present Pulsar, a realtime streaming system which can scale to millions of events per second with high availability and 4GL language support. Pulsar provides realtime sessionization, multi-dimensional metrics aggregation over time windows and custom stream creation through data enrichment, stateful processing and filtering using SQL-like language.

We will discuss how Pulsar is being used at eBay, the features and architecture of Pulsar. Topics include:

  • Pulsar Real-time analytics pipeline
  • Pulsar architecture to support high scalability and availability
  • Pulsar event processing framework and language
  • Integration of Pulsar with Kafka, Druid and session store

Key Takeaways:

  • real-time analytic and processing concepts
  • stream processing architecture supporting high availability and scalability
  • stream processing framework and language
  • integration of real-time stream processing system with Kafka, Druid and session stores


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