Presentation: Engineering for Scale at VMTurbo


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10:40am - 11:30am

How do you repair a jet engine in mid flight? Over the last year at VMTurbo, we have re-engineered our development teams, release cycles and most importantly our product architecture for scale and stability. Revamping the architecture while simultaneously continuing to deliver new features into the market presents a number of challenges.

In this presentation, a microservices case study and lessons learnt will be presented. We will discuss how VMTurbo, in anticipation of scalability-related pain points,took the plunge to evolve its monolithic system architecture into a system based on Composable microservices. In order to accomplish this we changed our release cycle, addressed the accumulated technical debt while at the same time re-crafting our architecture from a monolothic web application to a scalable system composed of microservices. These microservices are are designed and constructed to be deployable as a unified system or as a SaaS.


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