9:00am - 4:00pm



Tutorial: Modern container orchestration: Kubernetes, CoreOS and more

The last couple of years have seen a fundamental shift in application automation built on top of Linux containers. As more organizations take containers into production, the demand for container orchestration has grown tremendously. The number of tools to manage Linux containers has exploded and luckily today there are a variety of ways modern orchestration can be accomplished.

Enter Kubernetes, the container cluster manager from Google, and CoreOS, the Linux OS designed for running containers at scale. When combined Kubernetes and CoreOS deliver an ideal platform for running containers and offers a deployment workflow that puts the focus on applications and not individual machines.

This hands-on workshop will teach modern practices for container orchestration, and show examples of how components work together to manage a cluster of Linux containers. With its ability to power infrastructure in the cloud or on bare-metal, the session will use Kubernetes with CoreOS as an example showing attendees how to deploy and manage a multi-tier web application.


Wednesday Jun 10

Thursday Jun 11

Friday Jun 12