Track Host: Vanessa Huerta Granda

Solutions Engineer

Vanessa is a Solutions Engineer at helping companies make the most of their incidents. Previously, she led Resilience Engineering at Enova and has spent the last decade focusing on Production Incident processes, learning from incidents, and handling Major Incidents as Incident Commander. She has spoken and written on incident metrics, sharing learnings, and in 2021 co-authored Jeli’s Howie: The Post-Incident Guide

She is passionate about continuous improvement, getting teams to talk to each other, and sharing incident findings.


Resilience Engineering - Culture as a System Requirement

Lessons learned from failures and outages, including humane operations, effective postmortems, and building systems knowing humans make mistakes.


Thursday Jun 15 / 10:30AM EDT



Two Years of Incidents at 6 Different Companies: How a Culture of Resilience Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Incidents and outages are expensive, they impact engineering productivity, business goals, and your company’s reputation. In this talk I will describe how we can apply resilience throughout the incident lifecycle in order to turn incidents into opportunities.

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Thursday Jun 15 / 10:35AM EDT ( 50 minutes )


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