Speaker: Mike Seid

Tech Lead for the ML Platform @Spotify

Mike is the Tech Lead for the Machine Learning Platform at Spotify, where he defines the technical strategy and oversees the delivery of the Hendrix built by a team of 45. His leadership is focused on driving innovation and collaboration within the engineering teams to build modern ML development experiences for over 300 ML practitioners at Spotify. By fostering a culture of playfulness and a strong sense of teamwork, Mike is driving the platform to empower practitioners to iterate on and productionize responsible ML models in an enjoyable, maintainable, and scalable way. Prior to Spotify, Mike was the Founder of Naytev(YC-S14) and an Engineering leader at Capital One, driving the delivery of a centralized feature platform to compute, serve, and register features for use in ML models.


Introducing the Hendrix ML Platform: An Evolution of Spotify’s ML Infrastructure

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology has led to exponential growth in the open-source ML ecosystem.

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Wednesday Jun 14 / 10:35AM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Salon D


ML Infrastructure AI/ML ML Platform Platform Engineering