Speaker: Michael Winslow

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Engineering Director @Amazon Music

Michael Winslow picked up his love for programming when he was 10 years old writing GW-Basic code on his Tandy-1000. With his passion for designing simple solutions to complex problems, Michael has played key roles at companies like Aramark, Ortho-McNeil, Oracle and Xfinity Mobile. He is a seasoned international public speaker who enjoys using his platform to uplift engineers and create powerfully diverse teams in technology. Michael is currently a DevOps advocate, Agile enthusiast, and transformational people-leader at Amazon Music.


Making the Decision To Be an Individual Contributor or a People Leader

As software engineers advance in their careers, we are often faced with the choice between remaining an individual contributor or transitioning to a people leadership role. This decision can be challenging and complex, as both paths offer unique benefits and challenges.

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Tuesday Jun 13 / 04:10PM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Salon D


Engineering Leadership Career Management Individual Contributor