Hard Problems in Frontend Platforms

Imagine you are tasked with building a platform to support a distributed system where your code executes in a remote environments. You don't control the hardware or the software, you have varying levels of API support, the network could cut out at any moment, you aren't guaranteed to have any observability, oh and there's a GUI but you have no idea what size the screen might be, but you must ensure there's always a great User Experience. If you don't run away screaming, then congratulations, you're now a Frontend Platform Engineer! 

This talk dives into the world of Frontend Platform Engineering, exploring the unique challenges, strategies, and best practices involved in creating robust, scalable, performant, and reliable Frontend architectures that simultaneously delight users. 

You'll leave with a better framework for making decisions about the vast array of Frontend technologies, libraries, patterns, and practices available. And, more importantly, you'll understand why these choices exist and the underlying hard problems that your frontend platform must solve.


Katie Sylor-Miller

Frontend Architect @Etsy

Katie Sylor-Miller, Frontend Architect at Etsy, has a passion for design systems, web performance, accessibility, frontend infrastructure, and the practice of Staff Engineering. As an invited expert on the W3C Web Performance Working group, she helps to guide browsers towards improving Web Performance APIs. As co-author of the Design Systems Handbook she helped to share best practices for engineering a design system with engineers and designers. She’s spoken about her multitude of specialities at conferences like Performance.now(), Lead Dev Staff+, Smashing Conference, PerfMatters, and JSConf US (to name a few). Beyond her day job, her website ohshitgit.com (and the swear-free version dangitgit.com) has helped millions of people worldwide get out of their Git messes (and has been translated into 28 different languages and counting), and led to a collaboration with Julia Evans of Wizard Zines on an Oh Shit Git Zine.

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Thursday Jun 15 / 01:40PM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Salon D


Platform Engineering Frontend


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