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In every modern software organization there is a three-way intersection between development, security, and operations. It is a place where interests and motivations either collide, or converge. While most organizations spend time and money managing the aftermath of collision -- your team can be different.

To get things moving in the right direction, you are looking to create an initiative to remove roadblocks, build bridges, and embrace DevOps inspired best practices. You are looking to learn from real world experiences of practitioners who have successfully been down this path before, overcome a flurry of obstacles, and delivered successful outcomes.

Humbly, I am one of those folks who has been there, done that, and wants to share lessons learned along the way. In this session, I will share experiences of those things I have used to unite Dev, Sec, and Ops tribes, avoid time-wasting scuffles, and get everyone reading from the same sheet of music.

As DevOps practitioners, we can leap forward with both increased speed and quality by including security, governance and EA pros in DevOps feedback loops across the automated life cycle. During the session, I will share a few key principles I’ve used to:

  • Increase the speed and quality of releases
  • Build trust and transparency between dev, sec, and ops
  • Use continuous delivery pipelines to shift security further left
  • Govern with automate audit trails

If you are looking to do some of these same things where you work, come and join me for a lively conversion, some good war stories, and practical advice on uniting your tribes.

Speaker: Curtis Yanko

Sr. Principal Solution Architect @Sonatype

Curtis Yanko has 17 years experience in Application Development and Delivery practices and has become a leading evangelist for DevOps in the enterprise. Curtis' career has matured with the industry from the early days of Software Configuration Management to the rise Continuous Integration which evolved into Continuous Delivery. This has culminated with Curtis' most recent effort of driving a DevOps vision and strategy in a large enterprise setting. Curtis' experience has taught him how to effectively drive change at the people, process and technology aspects of IT and scale it to the enterprise

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