Presentation: CI/CD Pipeline-as-code with Jenkins and Docker



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How can I build my Docker images, and ensure that they are tested before they are published?

How do I trigger a re-build when dependent images are pushed to Docker Hub?

How do I trace a running container back to the correct version of the source that it was built from?

How can I assemble all these steps into a single robust pipeline?

How does Jenkins Pipeline-as-code help enable automatic job creation for new branches, entire new projects, and fully automates pull-request builds.

In this session I will show you how you can build, manage, deploy and test your applications using Docker and Jenkins Pipelines and how Multi-branch Pipelines can help automate CI tasks for new branches and PR's Assumes knowledge of Docker and Jenkins.

Speaker: Kishore Bhatia

Principal Solution Architect @CloudBees

Kishore is a Principal Solution Architect at CloudBees, building Open Source frameworks & helping customers solve engineering problems with Automation, Continuous Delivery and DevOps at scale. He has held a number of development and architecture roles in teams across FinTech and other enterprise IT domains.

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