Presentation: Architecting Your Application for Federation



10:35am - 11:25am

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How do you grow your applications to millions of users? In this talk you will learn about the architectural requirements that your application will need to meet in order to support federated identities. Topics covered will include user model best practices, SAML, WS-Fed, OAuth, OpenID Connect, SCIM, and how to support federated identities in Single Page Applications and microservice environments.

Speaker: Joël Franusic

Senior Development Evangelist @Okta

Joël Franusic is a hacker and evangelist for Okta. He helped organize the Bay Area's long running developer culture series SuperHappyDevHouse, enjoys programming, and is currently learning the world's second-oldest high level programming language on his Symbolics MacIvory, he also assisted in rebuilding Rwanda’s telecommunications infrastructure. Joël was homeschooled, believes that learning is a lifelong activity, and lives in the East Bay with his family.

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