Presentation: Devops'n the Operating System



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This presentation will take a brief look at the history of how Devops principles and Operating Systems have converged. We will spend most of the time forward looking at what and how Unikernels will converge with Devops tools, processes and culture. We will end the discussion with a cool demo of how containers, unikernels and Devops ideas can work together in the future.

Speaker: John Willis

Director of Ecosystem Development @Docker

John Willis is a Director of Ecosystem Development for Docker, which he joined after the company he co-founded (SocketPlane, which focused on SDN for containers) was acquired by Docker in March 2015. Previous to founding SocketPlane in Fall 2014, John was the Chief DevOps Evangelist at Dell, which he joined following the Enstratius acquisition in May 2013. He has also held past executive roles at Opscode/Chef and Canonical/Ubuntu. John is the author of 7 IBM Redbooks and is co-author of the “Devops Handbook” along with authors Gene Kim and Jez Humble.

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