Presentation: Architecting Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks



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For the past several years, Quora has used an architecture that allows us to share the majority of our application code across our Android app, our iOS app, and our website. We have abstraction barriers that provide the same platform-agnostic interface to application JavaScript, but leave us free to use completely different underlying implementations. In our apps, these implementations call into native code for improved performance and interactivity.

In this talk, I'll give an overview of how this works, and discuss some of the challenges and benefits we've experienced.

Speaker: Spencer Chan

Staff Software Engineer @Quora

Spencer works on the platform team at Quora, where he maintains the web framework and builds abstractions to help product developers work as quickly as possible. Since he joined Quora 4 years ago, he has worked on native iOS and Android development, mobile web, and building the knowledge prizes feature. His favorite pastimes are distance running and deleting code.

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