Presentation: Smart First, Phones Later


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1:30pm - 2:20pm

Taking Responsive a Step Further

More and more, we think about responsive design beyond just RWD. The future of interactions is being redefined each day with new devices, emerging ecosystems and unplanned user flows.

Could responsive design be perceived as intelligent? Should our daily tools act (and feel) smarter? Is it too much to ask for designers and developers to go that extra mile, and minimize the friction that is often created by poor interactions, integrations and experiences. Now that we are designing with screen sizes and aspect ratios in mind, we should go a step further and plan strategically to utilize the device data that’s already collected and available. Tin’s talk provides case studies of where intelligent design with fewer features has had a great impact.

In this session you’ll expand your definition of responsive beyond RWD, rethink how you design and develop responsive software, see examples of how intelligent design can improve industry-leading applications, see how you can include Smart First approach into your UX and UI processes.

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