Keynote: Driven To Distraction - How Are We Driving Development This Week?


Day of the Week:

With the myriad X-Driven-Development and X-Driven-Design options available to software development teams, how are you to know which one is right for your next project? Worry no more, stout yeoperson!

In this talk, Mark will be rigorously evaluating every xDD pattern, process and paradigm he can find on the Web (and making up some new ones too). By the time we’re finished, you’ll be better informed, better prepared and just downright better; inspired and enthused to embark on your next software creation adventure using the ultimate Q,C,O&NDD™ system (Bug Free, On Time and On Budget, 100% Guaranteed*). *Absolutely no warranty of any kind should be inferred from this slogan


Wednesday Jun 10

Thursday Jun 11

Friday Jun 12

Conference for Professional Software Developers