Speaker: Sergey Fedorov

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Director of Engineering @Netflix

Sergey is a hands-on engineering leader working for the Content Delivery team at Netflix. An early member of the team that built an Open Connect CDN delivering 13% of the world Internet traffic, he spent years building monitoring and data analysis systems for Netflix video streaming. As part of that work, he released FAST.com — one of the most popular Internet speed tests.

Today Sergey focuses on improving interactive requests from Netflix applications to achieve better latency, reliability, and control over client-server communications. Prior to Netflix, he worked on optimizing developer infrastructure at Microsoft and real-time photorealistic rendering at Intel.   

Sergey is a vocal advocate of an observability approach to engineering and making data-driven decisions. Finding actionable signals in loosely controlled environments is what keeps him awake, much better than caffeine. This might also explain why outside of work Sergey can be seen playing ice hockey, brewing beer, or exploring exotic travel destinations.

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