Presentation: React+Redux at Scale

Track: Modern Browser-Based Apps

Location: Liberty, 8th fl.

Duration: 11:50am - 12:40pm

Day of week: Monday

Level: Intermediate

Persona: Front-end Developer


Congratulations, you made a todo list! Now you're trying to write your next greenfield project in react+redux, but it seems the instant you step up a level in complexity the resources and advice are few and far between. You could succumb to JS fatigue and throw the whole thing out on your way to a life of farming in Kansas, or you could learn from my mistakes and (occasional) successes. Together we'll look at how React and Redux scale not just in terms of quantitative performance, but in terms of architecture and team participation. You should expect to learn a deeper understanding of idiomatic Redux, tips for manageable and efficient store structures, organizing your domain model, React patterns and anti-patterns, efficient and predictable builds, pain free deployments and easy rollouts, and even some Hot Takes™ on when to focus on which improvements and which "common knowledge" rules are meant to be broken. Attendees with basic working knowledge of React+Redux will get the most out of this talk, however anyone interested in maintainably scaling a single-page-app out to multiple developers should still find ideas worth considering.

Speaker: Daniel Cousineau

Lead HTTPSter Engineer @Grovo

Daniel Cousineau is a Texan transplant living in NYC as well as the head honcho in charge of Frontend engineering for Grovo. With a long early history in PHP and more-recent expertise in Javascript, he has over 10 years professional experience in delivering web-based software in languages the orange website loves to hate. During his laughably short free time he co-organizes the QueensJS user group and the EmpireJS conference. He enjoys short walks on the beach because walking on sand is a tough workout for your inner thighs, is Yolo Certified, and despite his last name not Canadian.

Find Daniel Cousineau at

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