Track: High Velocity Dev Teams

Location: Majestic Complex, 6th fl

Day of week: Monday

The ideal dev team delivers a high frequency of valuable work with exceptional quality. To deliver that, there may be different challenges that you have to account for. Top ones are globally distributed teams and competing demands on your team’s work. Other ones we’ll discuss include measuring impact of your practices and features, and invisible constraints and queues.

In this track you will learn about the latest Lean, Agile and management methods and practices to help your teams dramatically improve their value delivery and quality, both in the short term, and longer term (such as technical debt improvement)

Track Host:
Jonathan Hansen
COO @WeAreLineate

Jonathan Hansen is the COO at Lineate (formerly Thumbtack Technology), a software development consulting firm that specializes in building scalable data-driven platforms. Jonathan leads Lineate’s global Solution Architecture, Project Management, and Client Services teams. Before joining Lineate, Jonathan led the New York-based software development team at Experian CheetahMail, where he begun taking advantage of Agile and Lean management methods to enable teams to continuously improve the value and quality of the products they deliver. Jonathan enjoys playing piano and hosting the NYC Lean/Kanban Meetup, which has been instrumental to the evolution of New York City’s Lean and Agile community

10:35am - 12:40pm

by Debbie Madden
CEO & Founder @Stride

Happiness means more than being happy while you are working independently. It also means being happy with your team, your boss, your company. Yet, too often, teams gloss over the importance of team communication, only to find it’s their achilles heel of morale. In fact, effective team communication is the foundation upon which individual happiness is built. This talk takes you through an easy 5 step plan to improve communication on your team, and to create a team that people truly want to be...

11:50am - 12:40pm

Open Space
1:40pm - 2:30pm

by Cat Swetel
Agile Methods Coach & Advocate for Woman in Tech

Have you ever had a gut feeling a project is about to go off course but no way to validate (or invalidate) that feeling? Has your team ever been burned by an inaccurate estimate or unreasonable expectation? Have you ever wished you could peer a bit into the future?

Navigating the uncertainty of knowledge work is often difficult and uncomfortable. During this session, you’ll learn new ways to visualize your team’s reliability and variability of delivery using the data you already...

2:55pm - 3:45pm

by Conal Scanlon
Product Management, Lean/Agile Software Development @Handshake

Most teams are familiar with estimates using relative sizing, or story points based on the Fibonacci series, or t-shirt sizes. Most teams either agonize over the details of every estimate, hoping to be as accurate as possible, or rush through planning knowing the result will be off no matter the effort.

There's a better way, though; one that doesn't involve marathon meetings or half-hearted attempts; a way that can provide accurate plans automatically. Monte Carlo simulations are...

4:10pm - 5:00pm

by Jason Yip
Agile Coach @Spotify, previously Principal Consultant @ThoughtWorks

There are two parts to speed in software product delivery:

  1. The human experience of delivery feeling slow or fast
  2. Delivery actually being slow or fast.

Feeling fast is about removing friction; delivering fast is about designing how you deliver. It's possible and necessary to address both of these aspects. It is soul-crushing when delivery feels slow; it is business-crushing when delivery is actually slow. This talk will explore this way of thinking about "...

5:25pm - 6:15pm

by Josh Evans
Engineering Leader at Large (formerly Director of Operations Engineering @Netflix)

Is your service architecture and engineering velocity constrained by organizational concerns? Does it seem impossible to give priority to key initiatives regardless of intent? Are engineers switching tasks so often that they are just treading water? Are critical projects endlessly backlogged? Has staffing up pushed the limits of your team structure? Navigating through challenges like these can be daunting and solutions fraught with uncertainty. How do you know what, where, when to change....


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