Presentation: The Java Evolution of Eclipse Collections

Track: Java - Propelling the Ecosystem Forward

Location: Plymouth - Royale, 6th fl.

Duration: 2:55pm - 3:45pm

Day of week: Monday

Level: Intermediate

Persona: Developer, Developer, JVM


With each passing version of Java, frameworks must adapt and transform in order to stay current. Eclipse Collections is a collections framework for Java. It has JDK-compatible List, Set and Map implementations with a rich API, as well as additional types not found in the JDK such as Bags, Multimaps and BiMaps. Eclipse Collections also has a full complement of primitive containers.

In this session, we will cover some of the newest features from the 8.0.0 release including the use of Java 8 features such as:

  • Collectors – Learn how to transform your streams with your own custom, reusable Collectors.
  • Optional – Leverage interop between this new Java 8 class and EC API like detectWithOptional().
  • SummaryStatistics – Understand ways to perform mathematical evaluations on your JDK and EC primitive collections and see the memory saving benefits of EC primitive collections.

These new interactions allow developers to have a more seamless experience coding using both Eclipse Collections and Java. We will also discuss some of the upcoming changes to the framework to better prepare for Java 9, specifically the process of modularizing the framewor

Speaker: Kristen O'Leary

Technology Associate @GoldmanSachs

Kristen O’Leary is an associate at Goldman Sachs in the Platform group, which is responsible for many of the firm’s technology tools and frameworks. Kristen has contributed several container, API, and performance enhancements to Eclipse Collections. She has also taught classes internally and externally about the framework.

Find Kristen O'Leary at

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