Workshop: Go Microservices


9:00am - 12:00pm


Thu, 16 Jun

Key takeaways

Learn to leverage all of the advantages of microservices
Identify and guard against the dangers of microservices before they become outages
Level up your Go proficiency from an expert
Arm yourself with technical arguments and examples to promote Go in your organization


Participants should have a basic working knowledge of the Go programming language and microservice architectures. Participants should bring a computer with a working Go compiler (1.6) and the editor of their choice.

Go is a lovely little programming language that just might be the perfect choice for building microservices. In this didactic workshop, we will first identify the defining characteristics and challenges of a microservice architecture, and then build a production-grade microservice in Go with Go kit, addressing all of the concerns. Special attention is paid to producing clean, testable, maintainable code, leveraging idiomatic Go patterns and best practices. Participants will leave with a strong understanding of the microservice problem domain, and significant hands-on experience with Go-based solutions that may be immediately implemented.

Speaker: Peter Bourgon

Author of Go kit, Engineer @Weaveworks

Peter Bourgon is a engineer for Weaveworks. He previously worked on infrastructure, search, and distributed systems projects for SoundCloud, Oracle, and Bloomberg. Peter is the author of Go kit, a toolkit for building microservices in Go.

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