Workshop: Web Performance Optimization


9:00am - 12:00pm


Thu, 16 Jun


basic understanding of front-end development and HTTP protocol, web browser

Sergey will review latest front-end performance trends and show how to use performance analysis and optimization tools to speed up web sites. Bring your web site too and follow along to analyze it.

As part of this workshop we will:

  • Look at the ways to measure performance of the web pages and the difference between RUM (Real User Measurement) and Synthetic analysis. We’ll also discuss which metrics can be used and their pros & cons.
  • Analyze your site using public front-end performance analysis tool and discuss common issues
  • We will look at what affects performance of the pages and practice creating different versions of the page to see how it affects performance.
  • Define a process for building fast web pages from product and design all the way to development using the concept of progressive enhancement
  • Review commonly slow components (anti-patterns) of web pages (such as carousels, video players, ads) and look at the methods of improving them.

This is a hands on session, we are modeling it after Meet4SPEED sessions ran at Web Performance meetups around the world so don’t forget your laptop.

Speaker: Sergey Chernyshev

Sr. Manager, Front-end Development

Sergey Chernyshev is web performance enthusiast, open source hacker and web addict. He has 20 years of web development and operations experience and organizes New York Web Performance Meetup Group, local community of web performance geeks in New York and helps kick-start local groups about Web Performance around the world. Sergey often speaks on performance-related topics at various local New York events.

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