Presentation: The Nihilist’s Guide to Wrecking Humans & Systems



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The fault of the computer system is that it can only follow instructions. The fault of the human is that it can only make judgement calls. However, when we think about this in relation to information security, what happens when these two factors collide? Hint: bad stuff.

Together, we will explore how social engineering can be used in conjunction with technical attacks to create sophisticated and destructive attack chains, share some real world war stories and talk about what we’re doing wrong to protect against these threats.

Speaker: Christina Camilleri

Penetration Tester & Social Engineer @BishopFox

Christina Camilleri is a Security Analyst at Bishop Fox, a security consulting firm. Christina’s primary areas of expertise are web application penetration testing, open-source intelligence (OSINT), and social engineering - not only the psychological and physical involvement of social engineering, but also the manipulation and social influencing techniques that are able to exploit the behavior of others. She has attended and presented at local and international conferences on social engineering and has won highest scoring OSINT report for two years in a row in the DEFCON Social Engineering CTF. In her free time, Christina enjoys breaking things and building things to break other things.

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