Presentation: The Bad Things Happen When You're Not Looking



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As developers, we use logs and metrics every day. Modern development and operations teams use this data to guide their decisions. We can find performance issues, hotspots, memory leaks, and broken networks or hosts. We also use this information to help with capacity planning and to prioritize our development time.

In this talk, I will discuss the ways an organization should approach looking at this information to make informed security decisions, even if they don’t have a dedicated security team. I will also explore how security teams can become more effective by scaling their visibility into large distributed networks using commonly available tools. Developers will leave with insight into how they can make their organizations more secure, and security engineers will leave wanting all of these amazing toys. Of course, the talk will include a few real world “Security War Stories”.

Speaker: Ryan Huber

Security @SlackHQ

Ryan Huber does security things at Slack. Before that Ryan Huber did other security things. When he was 12, he wrote malware in Pascal + inline asm to steal his teacher's password. His teacher wasn't impressed.

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