TestOps: Continuous Integration when Infrastructure is the Product

TestOps: Continuous Integration when Infrastructure is the Product

Wednesday, 5:30pm - 6:20pm

DevOps is a software development method that, among other things, involves automating the provisioning and configuration of IT infrastructure. A key part of that definition is software development. DevOps is about writing software. Like all software, DevOps software needs to be tested. Like all software, DevOps software is best tested in an automated fashion as part of a Continuous Integration (CI) development process. TestOps, the branch of DevOps devoted to automated testing, presents unique aspects and challenges as compared to testing normal application software.


This talk will describe how we test Acquia Cloud, a large PaaS and DevOps project, and what we have learned over several years of developing those tests.

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Barry Jaspan is a serial software engineer and entrepreneur that has been creating and selling open-source software products literally since he was 12 years old (many moons ago!). Currently Senior Architect at Acquia, he leads Acquia Cloud, the Drupal-optimized PHP cloud hosting platform which runs tens of thousands of Drupal web sites on thousands of cloud-based servers for some of the best known brands in the world. He is an angel investor and advisor to Boston-area startups and, when he pulls himself away from the keyboard, an avid whitewater kayaker and rock climber.