A/B Testing + Continuous Delivery = Everyday Product Launches

A/B Testing + Continuous Delivery = Everyday Product Launches

Wednesday, 10:40am - 11:30am

In this talk, Nell will discuss how Etsy uses a/b testing to inform product development. At Etsy, we push code over 30 times a day and we have terabytes of data generated by the tens of millions of members of our community.

Nell will discuss that intersection of continuous delivery and big data, as well as the evolution of Etsy's data-driven product culture.

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Nellwyn is Director of Analytics at Etsy. She leads a team of data analysts who partner with product, marketing, and engineering to scout, build, instrument and improve Etsy’s product portfolio. Before Etsy, she worked on analytics and product teams at two small NYC start-ups. She is a graduate of Harvard College, and holds a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. @nellwyn