Software is Dead; Long Live Software!

Software is Dead; Long Live Software!

Grand Ballroom - Salon A/B/C/D
Wednesday, 6:50pm - 7:35pm

Many developers today are only familiar with computing as a practice and a profession in the era of x86 monoculture. Over the last 30 years, manufacturing advances and several technology revolutions have provided developers the luxury of a rich ecosystem of languages and libraries that rest on a general, broad hardware platform.


But winter is coming. Several of the biggest buzzwords in technology - big data, cloud computing, internet of things - all center around the tension between rapidly diversifying hardware innovation and the limitations of legacy software architectures.


This talk tackles the existential question of what software *is*, in an age when hardware ranges from smartphones to bacterial DNA to datacenters, and the pragmatic question of how software developers can stay afloat amidst the accelerating pace of hardware disruption.

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Peter is the co-founder and president of Continuum Analytics, a young startup focused on taking Python analytics, scientific computing, and data visualization to the next level. He has been professionally developing with Python for almost 15 years, and is an active participant in the scientific Python and PyData communities. Peter holds a BA in Physics from Cornell University. @pwang