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Mike Stolz, Global Field Architect, vFabric Division of VMware

 Mike  Stolz

Mike Stolz is a Global Field Architect for the vFabric division of VMware. He came to VMware in 2010 as part of the GemStone acquisition after serving 4 years at GemStone as VP of Architecture. In his role here, Stolz leverages his expertise in targeting, developing and delivering innovative technology solutions to expand VMware’s Emerging Products Division within the financial services, travel, health care and other communities. During the ten years prior to joining GemStone Stolz was Director and Chief Architect of Merrill Lynch’s Global Markets and Investment Banking division. In this role, Stolz was responsible for the design and development of trading systems and trading support systems for Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities, Derivatives, Liquidity and Risk Management.

Presentation: "Design Patterns for Combining Fast Data with Big Data in Finance"

Time: Wednesday 10:50 - 11:50

Location: Roebling/Gleason

Modern applications have an insatiable need for data at speed and scale that previous generation databases struggle to keep-up with. At the same time, regulatory requirements for data retention are causing tremendous growth in the total amount of data that needs to be stored. What is needed is a multi-tiered data strategy - one that combines in-memory data management for speed and scale coupled with a peta-scale database for deep analysis.

In the Financial Services industry, large quantities of historical data need to be processed against a growing number of fast-moving data feeds.
Topics to be covered:
•    Big Data allows you to find opportunities you didn't know you had
•    Fast Data allows you to respond to opportunities before they disappear
•    Working together they may enable entirely new business models
Join this session to gain insight into the transformative value of Big Data Fast Data for the Financial Services industry.