Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Host: Randy Shoup

This track will give you the opportunity to learn directly from some of the most well-known and high-volume web applications in the world. In previous QCon conferences, this track has featured presentations by Twitter, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Netflix.

Taming HTML5 and JS

Host: Dionysios Synodinos

Leveraging the world's fastest evolving platform

Functional Programming Everywhere

Host: Sadek Drobi

Functional Fusion: Functional Concepts Across Languages.

The Agile Individual

Host: Chris Matts

Individual Skills and Techniques that help you be agile in any environment.

Security: A Developers View

Host: Khawaja Shams

The realm of Security from the eyes of the developer

Solutions Track: Agile, DevOps, Data Processing Patterns

Host: TBA

Mobile, architecture, application performance management and hardware acceleration

Software Architecture Improvements

Host: Amr Elssamadisy

How do you grow a software architecture and respond to change?

Concurrency in the Large

Host: Steve Vinoski

Parallelism and Concurrency: Stop Locking and Start Crunching.

Java - Still Alive and Well

Host: Frank Greco

What's new with Java

Battle of the Clouds!

Host: Khawaja Shams

Let the cloud deployment models battle it out!

Hardware Acceleration Today

Host: Werner Schuster

Beating Moore's Law with GPUs

Solutions Track: Big Data

Host: TBA

NewSQL: High performance, in-memory databases

Big Data Paradigms

Host: Khawaja Shams

MapReduce, NoSQL, Graph Databases. How big data is getting bigger and how to make it work for you.

Mobile Architectures

Host: Dionysios G. Synodinos

Delivering sophisticated mobile applications with iOS, Android, HTML5 and cross-platform frameworks.

Building Strong Teams: The Origins of Success

Host: Dave Hussman

Specific and concrete ways to create high performance software development teams.

Programmable Web

Host: Jim Webber

The state of the art in Web APIs, Mashups and RESTful Architectures

Architectures in Financial Applications

Host: Ari Zilka

Many current high-performance and extremely scalable systems used by web startups were originally designed for financial applications, particularly in capital markets. There is now a new generation of networking and software technologies such as RDMA, broker-less messaging, WebSocket, GPUs, big data clouds, etc. How are financial companies leveraging these new tools for ultra-performance to maximize their profits?

Solutions Track: In-Memory Databases, Hardware Acceleration, Big Data

Host: TBA

NewSQL: High performance, in-memory databases