Optimizing Teams for Fast Flow - Surviving in the Post-agile Aftermath

Many organizations have made several year investments in implementing agile practices, only to find they are not getting the improvements that they had anticipated. Agile practices were adopted without using data to determine whether the business results were improving (including value to the customer and employee happiness).

Technology and tooling have advanced so that companies can now use data to protect their investment more easily in agile training, coaching, tooling, and practices. Companies can better understand specifically what their impediments to value delivery are and focus on leveraging the right agile practices as needed to solve the delivery issues they are experiencing, rather than a one size fits all approach. By leveraging data, teams can focus more on value-add activities and experience less waste, friction slowing delivery down, as well as reduce wasteful cognitive overload.

This track will focus on understanding how to identify the specific issues slowing down flow and finding changes that resolve those impediments to make the most of the time and money spent on change. Speakers will share practical guidance and experience identifying and removing impediments to low.


From this track

Session DevOps in Practice

Agile Rehab: Engineering for Improved Delivery

Wednesday Jun 14 / 10:35AM EDT

We had problems: a giant legacy system, nightmarish installs every few months, and our chosen Agile scaling framework wasn’t making it better.

Speaker image - Bryan Finster

Bryan Finster

Distinguished Engineer @Defense Unicorns

Session AI/ML

Conversational Software Delivery: Leveraging AI to Identify and Address Inefficiencies in Your Delivery

Wednesday Jun 14 / 11:50AM EDT

Are you tired of the inefficiencies in your software development process? Despite advances in technology, many companies still struggle with a process that results in millions of dollars of waste each year. But what if there was a better way?

Speaker image - Lee Rehwinkel

Lee Rehwinkel

Principal Data Scientist @Planview

Speaker image - Katharine Chajka

Katharine Chajka

Senior Product Manager @Planview Flow Methodology

Session Agile beyond software

Success Patterns in for building Cyber-Physical Systems with Agile

Wednesday Jun 14 / 01:40PM EDT

Agile practices have empirically shown to increase adaptability, reduce lead times, reduce cost, increase quality, and increase employee morale for small software application teams. Scaled Agile expanded these benefits beyond teams to release trains and solution trains with thousands of people.

Speaker image - Robin Yeman

Robin Yeman

Systems Engineering PhD Candidate @Colorado State with over 28 Years in Software Engineering

Session Agile Practices

Building a Culture of Continuous Experimentation

Wednesday Jun 14 / 02:55PM EDT

In a fast-paced, complex and uncertain digital business environment, organizations must evolve to survive.

Speaker image - Sarah Aslanifar

Sarah Aslanifar

Principal Consultant @EqualExperts


Unconference: Optimizing Teams for Fast Flow

Wednesday Jun 14 / 04:10PM EDT

What is an unconference? An unconference is a participant-driven meeting. Attendees come together, bringing their challenges and relying on the experience and know-how of their peers for solutions.

Speaker image - Ben Linders

Ben Linders

Independent Consultant in Agile, Lean, Quality and Continuous Improvement

Session Teams

Bridging Silos and Overcoming Collaboration Antipatterns in Multidisciplinary Organisations

Wednesday Jun 14 / 05:25PM EDT

I’ve noticed an increasingly worrying trend in the industry of specialisation and silos at the expense of collaboration, shared responsibility and valuable outcomes.

Speaker image - Emily Webber

Emily Webber

Author of Building Successful Communities of Practice, Organizational Consultant, Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Track Host

Katharine Chajka

Senior Product Manager @Planview Flow Methodology

Katharine (Kate) Chajka has over 20 years of experience of leveraging lean, agile and modern software engineering practices to help organizations improve the flow of their value delivery via software products.  Katharine currently works at Planview as the Product Manager for the Planview Flow Methodology, used to help customers quick scale the benefits of improved value delivery.

Kate’s passion is helping teams and organizations leverage data to improve their adoption of modern lean and agile practices to improve business outcomes, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. Kate has taught and coached thousands of people worldwide, at all levels of large and small organizations, on how to pragmatically apply improvements, reduce frustration and delays, and quickly see measurable improvements to both rate of delivery and improved business results.

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