Track Host: Christie Warwick

She / her / hers

Software Engineer @Google

Christie Warwick (Wilson) (she/her) is a software engineer with a passion for building quality software and having fun doing it. During her career she has worked on everything from currency exchange to AAA games.

Currently, she builds continuous delivery tools at Google, where she is proud to have co-created Tekton: an open-source continuous delivery platform built on Kubernetes. She is the author of Grokking Continuous Delivery and a speaker at Kubecon, InfoQ, OSCON and more. In her spare time she influences company culture through cat pictures.


Next in Cloud Native Development

Latest advancements and best practices from the world of Cloud Native development, including Go on Cloud, config DSLs, tooling on Cloud, Ecstasy lang, Serverless architectures, and more.


Thursday Jun 15 / 10:30AM EDT



Ephemeral Execution Is the Future of Computing, but What About the Data?

Ephemeral processes like containers are increasingly being used to build and run applications because of their isolation, portability, and efficiency. But they're often bogged down by data gravity when handling data-intensive applications.

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Thursday Jun 15 / 10:35AM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Salon A-C


Architecture Cloud Native Continuous Delivery