Portfolio Analysis at Scale: Running Risk and Analytics on 17 Million Portfolios Every Day

In finance, many common calculations are more or less just linear algebra – but at a massive scale and done very fast. Our team developed a portfolio analysis framework for Aladdin Wealth, which depends heavily on linear algebra to compute factor risk and achieves significant scale with more than 17 million portfolios analyzed daily.

However, we've also learned that achieving significant scale and delivering quality products to clients takes more than just efficient code. We've discovered key lessons in our development journey, including the importance of simplicity, storing data in multiple formats, creating capabilities instead of applications, treating batch as a long-running interactive process, building new solutions only as a last resort while leveraging open source tools, favoring stateless services, and assuming the worst. We'll be exploring these topics and other insights in this talk.


Wednesday Jun 14 / 05:25PM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Dumbo / Navy Yard (North Tower)


Fintech Scale Portfolios Performance


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Session Security

Implementing OSSF Scorecards Across an Organization

Wednesday Jun 14 / 04:10PM EDT

Open Source Security Foundation (OSSF) Scorecards provide a way for open source users to determine whether maintainers are being diligent about securing their link in the software security supply chain.

Chris Swan

Engineer @atsigncompany


Maximizing Performance and Efficiency in Financial Trading Systems through Vertical Scalability and Effective Testing

Wednesday Jun 14 / 10:35AM EDT

In the fast-paced world of financial trading, speed, and efficiency are essential. To achieve this, vertical scalability is crucial in order-processing systems. However, achieving vertical scalability can be a significant challenge for developers. That's why testing is critical.

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Performance and Scale - Domain-Oriented Objects vs Tabular Data Structures

Wednesday Jun 14 / 11:50AM EDT

Working with large data structures in memory poses certain restrictions on performance and scalability.

Donald Raab

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Protecting APIs in Financial Services with Zero Trust Overlay Mesh Networks

Wednesday Jun 14 / 01:40PM EDT

As a senior software developer in the financial services industry knows, protecting APIs from cyber threats and attacks is critical.

Clint Dovholuk

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Unconference: Next Gen Fintech

Wednesday Jun 14 / 02:55PM EDT

What is an unconference? An unconference is a participant-driven meeting. Attendees come together, bringing their challenges and relying on the experience and know-how of their peers for solutions.