Open Space

What is Open Space?

Open Space is a simple way to run productive meetings from 5 to 2000 or more people, and a powerful way to lead any kind of organization in everyday practice or extraordinary change. In Open Space sessions, participants create and manage their own agenda of parallel working sessions around a central theme of strategic importance.

How does Open Space work?

  • Participants bring their most important issues and challenges
  • An agenda is created from the participants' topic discussion ideas
  • Participants split into groups according to their topics of interest
  • Participants share and create new knowledge, work together on finding solutions to their common challenges and connect with each other

QCon Attendee Feedback

"It was a great opportunity to meet the presenters in a smaller setting, I really enjoyed it and wish I had gone to more of them." - Juuso Valli

"I think that it's simply great when experts meet and freely share their expertise and ideas. Also, since there was a facilitator, that helped with the time-keeping, with encouraging people to feel courageous and to talk." - Laura Mosneagu

"They are an interactive good innovative way for peer sharing." - Madhur Raj Nagesh Shetigar