Track: Blockchain Enabled

Location: Broadway Ballroom South Center, 6th fl.

Day of week: Thursday

This track will focus on delivering practical solutions leveraging Blockchain technology. This includes smart contracts, tokens, wallets, and commerce systems. Talks will be technical, include code samples, and will provide everything you need to get involved with open source projects in the space.

Track Host: Joshua Ellithorpe

Senior Software Engineer @Coinbase

10:35am - 11:25am

Coinbase Commerce: A User-Controlled Payment Processor

Coinbase Commerce is a user-controlled payment processor. Since launching in February 2018, we have processed millions of dollars worth of transactions totally free. We never hold the merchants funds, which means the merchant is always the sole custodian and guardian of their funds via a private key. Come learn how we use hierarchical deterministic wallets to separate the ability to spend funds and the ability to receive funds so that the merchant can always be in control of their financial destiny! 

Amy Yin, Software Engineer @Coinbase

11:50am - 12:40pm

How Blockchain Has Created a New Paradigm in Security

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have put full control of digital money in the hands of individuals. With that power comes the responsibility of securing data so that only a single user can access it. Cryptocurrency companies have stepped up and created the building blocks for this new type of security and in this talk, we'll see how it could disrupt the way we secure data outside of the blockchain industry.

Paul Puey, CEO @EdgeSecure

1:40pm - 2:30pm

How to Leverage Libp2p for Blockchain Applications

Building blockchain and decentralized apps tends to present a common set challenges. In this talk we'll take a deep dive into libp2p, a modular networking stack written by the IPFS team, and see how it solves these common challenges and how you can use it to supercharge your app. We'll walk through an example atomic swap app which builds on libp2p.

Chris Pacia, Lead developer @openbazaar

2:55pm - 3:45pm

How Blockchains Work and How To Scale Them

* No prior knowledge of blockchains is required for this presentation.

"The Scalability Problem" is the fact blockchains technically can't process 300MB blocks every 10 seconds, or more generally put, that they can't process very large blocks at very short time intervals, to allow thousands (and more) transactions per second.

While this is fairly well known, the reason why blockchains can't scale, and what is the bottleneck preventing it, are getting very little attention.

In this presentation, I will go through:

  1. How blockchains work (fairly quickly)
  2. Why can't they scale (hint - its the Network)
  3. The bloXroute model to solve this bottleneck, using a Peer-audited centralized system

Uri Klarman, CEO @bloXrouteLabs

4:10pm - 5:00pm

Blockchain Enabled: Ask The Experts Panel

Nearly 10 years after the publication of the Bitcoin whitepaper, the world of blockchain is growing faster than ever -- and jam packed with hype, noise and downright scams.  But if you look closely through that noise, it’s also become a downright contrarian position to suggest that blockchain is going away.  This session brings together five leaders applying blockchain to meaningful problems to have a raw discussion on how they get started, what to ignore and where this growing primitive is changing technology.

Paul Puey, CEO @EdgeSecure
Uri Klarman, CEO @bloXrouteLabs
Amy Yin, Software Engineer @Coinbase
Chris Pacia, Lead developer @openbazaar
Eran Eyal, CEO @shopinapp, Winner of the United Nations World Summit Award for Innovation, & Fast Company’s Most Innovative Startup

5:25pm - 6:15pm

Challenges & Solutions for a Blockchain-Powered Future

The transformation from a traditional economy to an economy that has begun to incorporate blockchain and other radically transformative emerging technologies like blockchain and A.I. is beginning to completely disrupt and redefine how businesses function and how we build and nurture new growth from the ground up for a more secure and decentralized future.

But paradigm shifts don’t happen overnight and certainly not without challenges on both the technological and creative front. Since launching in 2017, Shopin has gleaned invaluable insights into how to apply blockchain and other new technologies to a business model that is breaking new ground but must also co-exist with more traditional economic structures in order to thrive.  

In this session with Eran Eyal, CEO and Founder of Shopin, the world’s first decentralized shopper profile built on the blockchain to securely unite retailers and their customers through personalized data intelligence, you will learn: 

  • How the advent of blockchain technology promises a new era of more equitably distributed market power.
  • The top 3 challenges startups and traditional businesses face when adopting blockchain as their founding infrastructure.
  • How decentralized systems can now deliver services that are as powerful as those from big companies while preserving the privacy and control of each participant.
  • How by leveraging blockchain technology and A.I., today’s businesses can offer their customers/consumers more accurate product recommendations and services, easier and more secure transactions, and an overall more valuable and seamless commerce experience.
  • The challenges of building a visual A.I. for a distributed web.

Eran Eyal, CEO @shopinapp, Winner of the United Nations World Summit Award for Innovation, & Fast Company’s Most Innovative Startup