Workshop: [SOLD OUT] Git Master Class by GitHub


9:00am - 12:00pm


Thu, 29 Jun

Key takeaways

Learn Git commands to enable advanced patterns and workflows

Learn how to rewrite Git history and when it’s appropriate to do so

Demystify Git operations under the hood

Learn to recover from confusing situations


  • Participants should have a basic understanding of Git and be comfortable with some common operations: staging changes, creating commits, creating new branches, and merging branches into other branches.
  • Participants should bring a laptop with Git v2.6.0 or higher installed and working.

This workshop is sold out.

Git is a powerful tool, but few people take advantage of all its capabilities, and much of its functionality can feel like an inscrutable black box.

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll work through various Git commands and talk about more advanced workflow practices, including merge options, searching through commits, and rewriting repository history. We’ll talk about the contents of the .git folder, the data structures constructed from those files, and the abstractions Git applies on top of those data structures. We’ll utilize visualizations to watch what happens in the repository when you perform certain Git operations, with the goal of unraveling those abstractions and demystifying what Git’s actually doing under the hood.

Finally, we’ll explore a variety of tools at your disposal that you can use when you get stuck; learn how to get back to a known good state and find lost commits with ease.

Speaker: Michelle Tilley

Software Engineer @GitHub

Michelle is a software engineer at GitHub, a leader in Git-related technology and training. She has over twenty years of software development experience spanning a broad range of disciplines, and has used Git for version control for nearly a decade. She has a passion for open source software and the open source community, and loves to build developer tools, especially those focused on improving the runtime visibility and debuggability of other software.

Find Michelle Tilley at

Speaker: Katrina Uychaco

Software Engineer @GitHub

Katrina is a software engineer at GitHub, where she works on Atom, GitHub’s free and open source text editor. Formerly a medical device engineer, Katrina found her passion in building software — specifically building awesome software to better facilitate building more awesome software. She’s a lover of elegant abstractions, all things meta, and tools and tricks that improve the development process. When Katrina’s not using Atom to hack on Atom, she’s often working to empower other engineers through teaching, mentoring, or organizing events for Bay Area women in tech.

Find Katrina Uychaco at


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