Workshop: [SOLD OUT]Polyglot, Reactive, Microservices


1:00pm - 4:00pm


Thu, 29 Jun


Developers should already have some experience with REST APIs, WebSockets, and SQL. They will need the Java Development Kit >= 1.8, Apache Maven >=3.3.9, and a preferred editor

Optional: NodeJS and NPM

This workshop is sold out.

Polyglot, Reactive, Microservices with Vert.x

Are you looking at microservices and wondering how you can get the most out of the concept quickly? Does the ability to use multiple languages and being able to use them together appeal to you? Want to have a simple API for creating reactive microservices in minutes?

In this half-day session, you will be introduced to Vert.x, a toolkit for creating reactive microservices. We’ll show you how you can quickly develop microservices, cluster them, using polyglot capabilities in languages like JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Groovy, or Kotlin. Even better, we’ll show you how you can include any and all of those languages in a single application if you desire. We’ll discover a fast workflow for real-time coding and debugging using whatever development environment or editor you prefer.

What to expect:

  • Reactive Basics
  • Using the Vert.x quick-starts
  • Introduction to the Vert.x core
  • Running applications with automatic redeploy for rapid development
  • The Vert.x Event Bus
  • Vert.x web and Router
  • Extending the event bus to the web client using websockets
  • Async database access (MongoDB/Redis/PostgreSQL)
  • Distributed Data Grid and Distributed Locking
  • Clustering your application in seconds

Target Audience:

Intermediate/Advanced Developers With Experience in Java, JavaScript, Ruby, or Groovy

Method of Instruction:


Transfer %:

Knowledge: 30% Skill Building: 70%

Speaker: Deven Phillips

DevOps And Reactive Software Developer @RedHatNews

Deven has spent more than 20 years delivering custom open-source solutions to reduce costs and improve reliability for his clients. A co-organizer of both the Louisville Area Java User's Group (JUGGL) and the KY Open Source Society (KYOSS), Deven has been sharing his knowledge and experience with the community for a long time. Deven's expertise lies in server-side and infrastructure software development and DevOps using Java, Erlang, Ceylon, Python, C, and various other programming languages. Deven is also a contributor to a number of both small and well-known open source projects like Apache Camel, Mockrunner, jOOQ, and more.

Find Deven Phillips at

Speaker: Burr Sutter

Director, Developer Experience @RedHatNews

Burr Sutter is responsible for Red Hat’s developer experience. Burr is currently an Oracle Java Champion, and was previously president of the Atlanta Java Users Group and founder of the DevNexus conference. Burr has spoken at numerous developer events from Bangalore to Brussels and from Berlin to Beijing, covering most parts in-between.

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