Workshop: From Zero to CD - Virtuous Virtualization


9:00am - 4:00pm


Fri, 30 Jun

Key takeaways

Understanding what's worth automating in your CD pipeline

Practiced ways to accomplish that

Working examples of the moving parts:

  • Build & Test tools for a Java Spring Boot Stack
  • Using Vagrant to automatically provision development environments
  • Using Cloud Foundry as your PaaS


  • Developer/comfortable working at the command line
  • You have admin access rights to your laptop and virtualization is on in the BIOS
  • You have a minimum of 8 GB of RAM
  • You have git installed You have a bash shell available
  • You have installed VirtualBox
  • Helpful: You're familiar with Java and Spring Boot

Feeling stuck on how to actually start setting up your CD pipeline? Overwhelmed with the multitude of tools you can choose from configuration management to deployment of your application? Not sure if you should use a private or public cloud, or even use a third party PaaS? Interested in learning to write code to that automates your infrastructure creation and configuration?

In this one day intensive hands-on laboratory students will dig deeper into the tools that compose an advanced Continuous Deployment pipeline. We'll show you how to setup an environment from scratch, going through build, packaging, configuring, testing, deploying with a green/blue configuration and monitoring a live application..

One Day Workshop

  • Overview: If it can be automated, it should be
  • Group Exercise: How much of your environment is hidden?
  • Walk before you run: Test-driving and manually deploying a new Spring Boot restfull service endpoint using RestAssured
  • Laboratory: Building a CD Pipeline with Jenkins
  • Trunk Based Continuous Integration in GIT
  • Packaging: much more than a .zip
  • Now run: From Dev to Production through QA and Staging environments using Cloud Foundry PaaS
  • Configuration Management: Vagrant, Chef, the Cloud and you
  • To PaaS or not to PaaS?
  • Laboratory: blue/green deployment
  • Monitoring Exercise: Logs, Metrics and Health checks
  • Tools and tooling discussion: but I like Docker and Ansible!

Transfer %

Knowledge: 30%, Skill-Building: 70%

Method of Instruction

Interactive Dialogues, Exercises, Online eLearning, and a hands-on laboratory

Target Audience

  • Primary: Dev Ops, Programmers
  • Secondary: Architects and Technical Managers

Speaker: Alexandre Freire Kawakami

Agile Coach @IndustrialLogic

Alex, who was one of the Agile pioneers in Latin America, now consults internationally, speaking frequently at conferences to help communities worldwide expand beyond their comfort zones. A programmer, coach, scientist, student and teacher, Alex loves learning and doesn't shy away from changing his mind. As Director at Industrial Logic, he focuses on enabling our team to deliver quality software and to solve real world problems through Modern Agile training and coaching for the leading companies in our Industry. Alex is also an accomplished artist who loves architecture and exploring creative tactics of co-existence in spaces that integrate into the environment in a sustainable way. Using Agile practices, he built an eco house on a remote island that was awarded the Institute of Brazilian Architecture’s “Young Architect Prize” for projects completed in 2011. He recently moved with his wife, son and dog to Berkeley, CA. He is active on twitter (@freire_da_silva) spreading wisdom on Modern Agile, software development, the tech industry, startups, Brazil, politics and the digital culture revolution.

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