Workshop: [SOLD OUT] Building Progressive Web Apps


9:00am - 12:00pm


Thu, 29 Jun

Key takeaways

Understand what's special about "progressive" web apps

Gain a background in the Service Worker API, including using it to create offline-first web apps

Acquire hands-on experience building a full progressive web app


- Participants should bring their own laptop, with a copy of Google Chrome or Firefox already installed. - Participants should be comfortable starting up any local web server on their laptop (`python -m SimpleHTTPServer`, etc.)

This workshop is sold out.

This half-day workshop will provide a basic introductory foundation explaining the concepts underpinning Progressive Web Apps, and then guide attendees through a number of hands-on codelabs. The codelabs will introduce the service worker APIs, cover developer tools and debugging techniques specific to Progressive Web Apps, and illustrate how service worker libraries can be used to construct a production-ready Progressive Web App that follows offline-first best practices.

Target Audience

Developers with a solid background in JavaScript and web technologies, though not necessarily any previous experience with progressive web apps.

Method of Instruction

~45 minutes of slides, followed by a self-paced, step-by-step codelab

Speaker: Jeffrey Posnick

Staff Developer Programs Engineer at Google

Jeff Posnick is a member of Google's Web Developer Relations team, based in NYC. He focuses on building tools and libraries that take the work out of service workers.

Find Jeffrey Posnick at


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