Workshop: Architecting Your Lean/Agile Transformation


9:00am - 4:00pm


Fri, 30 Jun

Key takeaways

Provide specific/actionable tools critical to successful Lean/Agile Enterprise Transformation

Provide a high-level understanding of the SAFE (Scaled Agile Framework)



The linchpin in a large-scale transformation is architecture. Success requires changes to architecture, technology, and tools. Yesterday’s organizational structure, development strategies and mental models will not (and cannot create) modern technology.  While others are focused on being an agent of change, you must become an architect of change. 

We will briefly explore today’s leading transformation framework SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), then reinforce the critical role of Architects in the transformation. We will introduce you to some clever tricks, practical techniques and useful strategies you need to be successful. 

Join our workshop and discover some of the basic elements of success, which extend far beyond the process. We will demonstrate how a unique approach to capability modeling can become the key to your success. Then we will reveal the four critical Tech Practices you MUST include in your transformation approach.

Speaker: Karen Siers

Agile Coach at Kapture Technologies

With over 20 years of Technology experience including development and integrations, mergers and acquisition, and agile/lean transformation experience, Karen is a passionate change agent and disruptor always looking for the next challenge. Like you, Karen understands that the businesses of today will not be here tomorrow if they do not respond to change, therefore she is laser focused on helping large, complex organizations transform using her deep skills in strategic planning, change management, process management and technology modernization. She has led successful transformations in various industries. Some of those industries are: Airline, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Retail, US and Foreign Government compliance, Gaming and Worldwide Publications. In addition to being an Executive Transformation Consultant, Karen also owns a small software development includes inception, to investor commitment/funding, full development and a possible sale as it progresses. In her spare time, Karen enjoys spending time with her family. She has a wonderful daughter, MacKenzie, a brilliant son, Hunter and energetic English Doodle, Charlie. They enjoy traveling abroad and being on the water.

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